Composing for Harp has been initiated by two Dutch harpists who are always searching for new adventures in music and performance. In collaboration with Gaudeamus Festival and the Dutch Harp Festival Miriam Overlach and Sabien Canton started to build this website. is meant to be a laboratory where composers and harpist can meet, learn and create together. The ingredients? Curiosity, knowledge, guts, creativity, expertise and idealism. The producers? Harpists, composers, arrangers, artists, conductors and... you! The goal? Musical adventure and inspiration.

In our video's we show the limits of our instrument and body and we hope that you will challenge us to cross those borders. The chapter notation explains the most common and worldwide accepted symbols in order to receive many clear, playful and playable scores. The non commercial library contains contemporary scores for harp (and ensemble) which will facilitate the access and promote new music. In our forum, players meet composers. Asking becomes suggesting and trying becomes creating! We our proud to present a quarterly blog: The master is speaking!